Understanding Illegal Immigration essays

Bob Marley said, "Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life." Those words set precedence to some of the most fundamental principles that our nation was built upon. Immigrants who fought to set themselves free of dictatorship built this nation. The sentiment however has long since changed. While Illegal Immigrants is considered a threat to our national security and economy, Illegal Immigration has been beneficial in the United States. America can attribute a large share of its labor workforce from undocumented foreigners. Illegal immigrants also add cultural enrichment to our country. Lastly, immigrants contribute to our economy.
Over half of American citizens see illegal immigration as a threat to their economy. "A majority (56%) of Americans simultaneously say that illegal immigrants hurt the economy by driving down wages for many Americans (Survey: Citizenship, Values, and Cultural Concerns: What Americans Want From Immigration Reform)." They perceive undocumented workers as leeches stealing our money. Anti-immigration advocates also contend that illegal immigrants are hurting our economy by draining our resources. "All the law enforcement, detention and deportation has to add up to something. Just think of where else we could be using that money (Parker)." They feel money spent on services that provide illegal immigrants aid is a resource being wasted. In addition to our economy being threatened, anti-immigration advocates believe illegal immigrants are a threatening our national security. Since the wake of 9/11 Americans lost their sense of security.These advocates worry that allowing foreigners into our country makes us vulnerable to vicious criminals who want to breech our line of defense.
The American public attributes the influx of drugs and weapons to the influx of illegal immigrants. Politicians against immigration campaign that Amnesty for illegals…

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