In Pursuit of the Perfect Salad… essays

Forrest Gump is remembered for comparing life to a box of chocolates; so many to choose from, allequally delicious. Me, I like to think of life as a bowl of salad, offering lots of choices for toppings.
My parents supplied me with the base of values and morals that I am thankful for and will use throughout my life. My mom supports me in everything I do, from baking brownies every meet for my swim team to giving me the occasional pep talk. My dad is a model of dedication, integrity, and ambition as he worked hard to create a business that would offer financial security for our family. Both my mom and dad have helped me explore my athletic and creative interests by exposing me to the world of art, of dance, and of swim. I consider myself a well-rounded person due to my parents love and understanding.
Throughout my freshman and sophomore year, I found myself havingdifficulty balancing all the activities on my plate (no pun intended). My academics were suffering and I soon found myself facing an extremely challenging situation. I had lost all motivation to participate in events that I used to really enjoy and for academics that had once come easy to me in the past. Unfortunately, I ended my freshman year being academically ineligible to compete on the swim team. My ability to control my life was taken away from me and it was a very trying time. At that point, I made the decision to really look at my life. I started to think about my future and where I wanted to be when I was an adult. I thought about education considering my love for working with children and one of my main goals in life is to have children. As for my immediate future, I realized that I had to make the right choices so that I could swim again. I reached out to my teachers, counselors, and parents to help me get my life back together. I chose to work hard and focus so that my life dreams and goals could have the possibility of being fulfilled.

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